TGB Blade 1000i LT EPS for Polish Army

14.6.2019 07:40

Through our office in Poland, ASP Group Distributing has won a tender for supply 96 TGB BLADE 1000i LT EPS 4x4 off-road ATVs to Polish Army. TGB BLADE 1000i LT EPS 4x4 was selected upon a set of criteria referring to off-road capabilities, technical features, reliability or operating costs. Of course - also tenderer´s references played an important role.TGB BLADE 1000i LT EPS 4x4 is a quality-built ATV powered by powerful two-cylinder engine with four-wheel drive and two differential locks. The extended frame LT version gives an extra room to the driver and excellent stability in steep hills. Advanced 3-stage electronic power steering system lessens the effort of steering considerably and allows for easy low-speed maneuvering.Besides wide range of standard accessories such as towbar, front guard, front and rear luggage racks, electric winch etc., an extra front LED searchlight, Shark ATV Cargo box and Sikkia windshield has been added at the request of Polish Army.

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